Baby Journal Update: 4 months

Jack is 4 months old! FOUR MONTHS! There are times when I feel like I’ve known this little munchkin my whole life, and then there are times where I’m so amazed that he’s here, still all brand new and fresh.


Sometimes, I look at him and just marvel at his little body, little face, and little smile, and sometimes I’m still in disbelief that I can hold him, kiss him, snuggle with him and talk to him. He’s really here. I mean, I feel like these are the sorts of feelings that I would have at 1 month, not 4! Like, DUH he’s here.


So anyway, mushy stuff aside, let’s get down to it. What was his 3rd month like? What are we most looking forward to during the 4th?

Jack got sick for the first time. This was very scary for me as a new mom to a baby. He was very fussy, and very hot one afternoon, but it was after we took a long walk around the Inner Harbor, and it’s really, REALLY hot out. So I chalked it all up to being super hot. I mean, when I get super hot, I want to cry too.


But the next day, he was fussier, spat up BIG about 20 times, and was still hot. This wasn’t normal. I took his temperature, and it was in the high 102’s! WHAT?! We didn’t even have a doctor here for him yet, so I quickly called our pediatrician in Wimberley to ask what to do.

With Tylenol doses every 4 hours, and lots of sleep and love, Mr. Baby recovered in just 2 days, thank God.

Other stuff we experienced during his 3rd month of life: He can hold himself up on his feet and legs when held standing upright for long periods of time, he smiles at us, he watches us as we walk around, he loves going for walks out in the city, he loves kisses on his cheeks, and he loves giving big, open-mouthed kisses.


He’s laughed a few times, he grabs at toys, pulls them to him, holds his pacifier, and can find his mouth with it. Sometimes.


He sucks the life out of his hands and wrists, and his very favorite toys are his feet and fingers. He has also started to play with and pet his hair…


He’s eating more, growing and getting so much stronger every single day. He rolls from his front to his back, and is growing more stable during his tummy time.


He loves to make bubbles with his spit, make funny fart noises with his mouth, and he’s a big-time drooler. 


He’s been on the bus, watched USA beat Cuba in soccer at the Ravens Stadium from our rooftop deck, and visited the nation’s largest art festival, Artscape. 


He loves to snuggle, hold my hand when he cuddles and is recognizing his name.


He coo’s, and “talks.” It’s incredible. He has a nursery! Finally! And he sleeps in his crib in his own room now, and usually only wakes up one time in the night to eat.


He’s skyrocketed to a whopping 14 lb, 8 oz., and received his 4-month shots the day before his 4-month birthday. He’s just such a blessing, and such a gift. I’m so thankful every single moment for this precious baby boy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.01.21 AM

We’re looking forward to a number of things during this 4th month of life for our little angel baby. I’m looking forward to him sleeping more at night, and to his increased alertness during the day. I am excited to see him sit up on his own, and maybe even see some little teeth come in. Yeah, I know teething is its own fresh hell, but I’m still excited for it.

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